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The Mural on 12th street

The Brookland Cafe / The Mural on 12th street

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“A Survivors Journey”

Everyday in the District of Columbia, 76 calls are made to the police for help with domestic disputes and violence. The mural will raise awareness about domestic violence in our city, and spread a message of hope and healing.

DASH (District Alliance for Safe Housing)  is excited to partner with artist Joel Bergner to create a mural that honors survivors of domestic violence and tells their stories of victory over violence.

The project will cost $25,000 to $40,000 to complete. (The more funds we raise, the bigger our mural can be!)  Click here to help to “kick start” the project by spreading the word, and becoming a donor for as little as $10–here you can watch the artist’s video presentation, see the special incentives for donors, and make a secure donation pledge.

 The artist set up a donation site at Kickstarter. Kickstarter is an online fundraising site for all things creative! It’s trustworthy, safe and powered by Amazon payment system. You can donate online with confidence. If you prefer to mail a donation, we gladly accept checks:

District Alliance for Safe Housing

ATTN:  DV Mural Project

P.O. Box 73186

Washington, DC  20056

About the Artist: Joel Bergner is an accomplished mural artist. He has painted murals all around metro DC (and beyond–to see some of his amazing work, click here), including very popular murals in Columbia Heights and on U Street.


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