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The Brookland Cafe / Reviews


Loved this place! I used to work at the Children’s Hospital, so this was the Metro stop (Brookland/CUA) I used. A friend of mine suggested meeting here for dinner/drinks one night and I’m so glad that she did!

They offer a menu that has both vegan and “regular” selections. I had not had potato salad in years (since going vegan) and I still daydream about theirs. DELICIOUS. The vegan fish platter and vegan shrimp basket (that’s right – vegan SHRIMP) were so tasty. I have never seen vegan shrimp anywhere else, and while it’s not a dead ringer for “real” shrimp, it was a pretty excellent substitute for those of us who miss the flavor.

It’s a cute little ambiance – very modern feeling. And it’s sort of set back in the neighborhood, so you’ve got to be looking for the place. But I would encourage anyone in the neighborhood to do just that.

Becky C.
Arlington, VA

The Brookland Cafe


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The Brookland Café and Dessert Bar features fresh, fun and innovative individual desserts, baked goods and light fare.