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The Brookland Inn

The Brookland Cafe / The Brookland Inn

The Brookland Inn
Minutes away from brookland metro
3742 12th Street N.E Washington D.C

Beyond the inspiring monuments and busy lifestyles, Brookland is a beautiful neighborhood filled with historic homes, scenic views and gardens. Brookland, one of the area’s hottest real estate markets in Washington DC is a neighborhood that is ideal for walking. The Brookland Inn is located 2 blocks from the Brookland-Catholic University subway station and five blocks from the owner’s home.

Convenient to many places, the Brookland Inn is 20 minutes from interstate route 95 and 6 minutes from interstate route 295 Baltimore Washington Parkway. The two closest airports are Ronald Regan National (DCA) in Virginia and Baltimore Washington International (BWI) in Maryland. Arriving at Ronald Regan Airport, take the local Metro rail and exit CUA-Brookland.

The Amtrak train system is also extremely convenient to the Brookland Inn. Amtrack stops at Union Station. Departing from Union Station you are 3 stations away on the red line (the local metro rail).

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The Brookland Café and Dessert Bar features fresh, fun and innovative individual desserts, baked goods and light fare.